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Dave Latchaw, an exceptionally talented keyboard musician based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, is a true embodiment of musical fusion. His passion for Jazz, Rock, World, Classical, and Hip Hop genres seamlessly blend together in his captivating compositions and performances. 

With his nimble fingers dancing across the piano keys, Dave showcases his mastery of the piano keyboard, effortlessly navigating through complex chord progressions and melodic lines. His improvisational skills are second to none, allowing him to explore uncharted musical territories and create spontaneous musical moments that leave audiences in awe. 

Dave's music is a captivating blend of rhythmic complexity, harmonious melodies, and captivating grooves. He infuses elements of Jazz, with its improvisational spirit and syncopated rhythms, Rock, with its energetic and powerful drive, World music, with its diverse cultural influences, Classical music, with its refined elegance, and Hip Hop, with its infectious beats and urban flavor. 

As a performer, Dave exudes charisma and a genuine love for his craft. His stage presence and infectious enthusiasm draw audiences in, creating an immersive and engaging musical experience. Whether he's leading a band or performing solo, Dave's passion for his music is palpable, leaving a lasting impression on all who have the pleasure of hearing him play. 

Dave Latchaw's musical fusion, inspired by Jazz, Rock, World, Classical, and Hip Hop, creates a unique and captivating sound that defies categorization. His talent, creativity, and dedication to his craft make him a truly remarkable piano keyboard musician, leaving a distinct mark on the vibrant music scene of Fort Wayne, Indiana, and beyond. 

Check out Dave's solo piano recordings Reflections and Looking In.

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Fort Wayne - Piano & Music Lessons

Discover the joys of piano playing and unlock your full musical potential with the exceptional guidance of Dave Latchaw, a highly skilled and dedicated piano music educator. Dave offers comprehensive lessons in a wide range of genres and topics, catering to students of all ages and skill levels.   

🎵 Explore Diverse Musical Genres: From the captivating rhythms of jazz to the infectious grooves of funk, the energetic beats of rock, the catchy melodies of pop, the timeless elegance of classical, the heartfelt tunes of country and contemporary Christian music—Dave Latchaw covers it all. Immerse yourself in a variety of genres and develop the skills to play with style and authenticity.   

🎶 Master Music Theory and Analysis: Delve into the fascinating world of music theory with Dave's expert instruction. Develop a deep understanding of harmony, melody analysis, and chord progressions. Discover the secrets behind crafting captivating compositions and expand your harmonic and melodic vocabulary. Dave's lessons will empower you to express your musical ideas with confidence and sophistication.   

🎹 Jazz Improvisation for All Instruments: Unleash your inner jazz musician and explore the art of improvisation with Dave Latchaw. Whether you play the saxophone, trumpet, guitar, or any other instrument, Dave's expertise in jazz improvisation will guide you through chord changes, melodic development, and creating compelling solos. Embrace the freedom of improvisation and take your musical expression to new heights.   

🎵 General Music Skills: Enhance your overall music knowledge and skills with Dave's comprehensive lessons. From reading and writing music notation to understanding chord change symbols and reading lead sheets, Dave provides a solid foundation in general music skills. Prepare for college auditions, develop basic piano skills for non-piano music majors, and embark on the path to musical success.   

📚 Personalized Lessons and College Prep: Dave Latchaw understands that every student is unique, and he tailors his lessons to your individual needs and goals. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced pianist, Dave creates a personalized curriculum that ensures steady progress and enjoyment. If you're planning to pursue a music degree in college, Dave offers invaluable guidance and college prep to help you excel.   

🎹 Elevate Your Piano Journey with Dave Latchaw: Don't miss the opportunity to study with a highly respected piano music educator like Dave Latchaw. For rates, scheduling information, and inquiries, contact Dave at, call or text @ 260-450-1282 for rates, scheduling information, and any other questions that you might have. Embark on a musical journey that encompasses keyboard and piano skills across various genres, improvisation, composition, music theory, and more.   

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Fort Wayne Musician Dave Latchaw Live

Dave Latchaw is a highly talented musician known for his virtuosic piano and keyboard skills, as well as his passion, enthusiasm, and love for music. He specializes in jazz rock fusion, a genre that combines elements of jazz, rock, and other genres to create a unique and dynamic sound.  

Based in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area, Dave Latchaw has become a prominent figure in the local music scene. He regularly performs live at various venues, including jazz clubs, music festivals, and concert halls, captivating audiences with his captivating performances. His mastery of the piano and keyboard allows him to effortlessly navigate complex and intricate melodies, harmonies, and rhythms, showcasing his technical prowess and musicality.  

Dave Latchaw's performances are characterized by a deep sense of passion and enthusiasm for the music he creates. Whether he's performing a classic jazz standard, a fusion composition, or an original piece, his love for the art form is evident in every note he plays. He brings a high level of energy to the stage, engaging with his audience and creating an immersive musical experience that leaves a lasting impact.  

Beyond the Fort Wayne area, Dave Latchaw's talent has taken him to stages around the world. Through tours, collaborations, and international jazz festivals, he has had the opportunity to share his music with diverse audiences and showcase his skills on a global scale. His performances transcend language and cultural barriers, as his expressive playing style and captivating stage presence resonate with listeners from all backgrounds.  

Dave Latchaw's dedication to live performances is a testament to his belief in the power of music to connect people and evoke emotions. He understands that the true essence of jazz rock fusion lies in the spontaneity and improvisation that occurs in a live setting. Each performance is a unique and dynamic experience, with Dave Latchaw and his band members feeding off each other's energy and pushing the boundaries of the music they create.  

In addition to his live performances, Dave Latchaw is also involved in recording projects, where he brings his expertise to studio settings. His recordings capture the essence of his live performances while allowing for meticulous production and exploration of different sonic landscapes. These recordings further showcase his versatility as a musician and contribute to his growing discography.  

Overall, Dave Latchaw's dedication, passion, and love for music shine through in his virtuosic piano and keyboard jazz rock fusion performances. Whether he's captivating local audiences in Fort Wayne or enchanting listeners around the world, his commitment to his craft and his ability to convey emotion through his music make him a standout musician in the contemporary jazz scene.

Contact Dave at, call or text @ 260-450-1282 for performance rates, scheduling information, and any other questions that you might have.