Fort Wayne - Piano - Keyboard - Jazz -Lessons

My main focus as a performer and music educator is piano and keyboards, although I am comfortable teaching improvisation to people who play any instrument. Piano lesson topics can be of any style of music. My approach in piano lessons is to have a strong emphasis on technique and music theory. The music theory aspect of the lessons is rooted in jazz improvisation, which is then applied to all styles of music. I strive to find the best way for the student to enjoy their artistic adventure and still have it be educationally sound. I will show the student everything I know that will aid in their musical growth. My goal is to get the student not to need me anymore. Lessons with me are ideal for any age or level who wants to have fun with music or is interested in developing their creative voice or thinking of a career in music. 

I am currently doing video lessons and in-person. We can use FaceTime - Skype - Messenger - Zoom or whatever platform you are comfortable with. We can cover piano lessons, general music, college prep for non-piano students and jazz improvisation.

Email me,, call or text me @ 260-450-1282 for times or with any questions that you might have. 

"Everything I know about jazz and everything my kids know about jazz has come from Dave. He is my jazz guru."Donna Sevcovic (DownBeat Winner and Music Educator) 

"Dave Latchaw helped me utilize the necessary skills to play jazz in any type of setting and on top of that, was an extremely hip guy to talk to." Dave Holloway (DownBeat Winner - Professional Musician) 

"Dave Latchaw is by far one of the most creative and fun teachers to study with. While providing students with a broad knowledge of jazz improvisation, he assists them in creating their own individual voices. The concepts he teaches will hold true anywhere one chooses to go." Reggie Berg (Professional Musician) 

Sample Lesson Topics:  
General Keyboard and Piano  
Contemporary Christian  

Harmony and Melody Analysis  
Jazz Improvisation (all instruments)  
Harmony and Melody Development  

Reading and Writing (Notation)  
Reading and Writing Chord Change Symbols  
Reading and Writing Lead Sheets  
College Prep  
Basic piano skills for a non-piano music major  
Beginning Ear Training 

Music Clinics:   
I have vast experience working with several great ensembles in Northeast Indiana and the Midwest. I have worked with all ages from middle school through college. I will concentrate on developing strong, interactive rhythm sections, and/or harmonically correct soloing in improvisational situations. With positive reinforcement, the groundwork for improvement is laid out for the ensemble. Email me for rates, scheduling information, and any other questions that you might have.   

Music Lectures:   
I can provide a wide variety of musical topics for informative and entertaining discussions. From a full lecture hall to smaller, more personal groups. Topics range from what it's like to be a professional musician and careers in music, to details on contemporary music theory, ensemble playing, and improvisation.   

Email me,, call or text me @ 260-450-1282 for rates, scheduling information, and any other questions that you might have.